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Hi there

My name is Jason Pamental, or @jpamental on just about every social media platform (like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Strava). I’m a design strategist, UX leader, technologist, and profound typography nerd. More specifically, typography on digital platforms like the web and native applications. I spend a good deal of time writing, speaking, and working with teams and brand owners about how to set type better on digital platforms, and do so in more modern and performant ways than many realize possible. I’ve spoken with teams from organizations like Audible, Condé Nast, GoDaddy, IBM—and given presentations and workshops at web and design conferences all over the world.

Since the introduction of Variable Fonts in late 2016, I’ve spent a good deal of time researching, writing about, and  working with them. With every development I’m more convinced than ever that they are the future of type—and indeed design—on the web. I’ve talked about them quite a bit, written about them and designed demos for Type Network and Monotype (with an article & demo page I wrote and designed), spoken about that at Adobe Typekit’s ‘Typekitpalooza’ internal conference, been quoted about them by Microsoft and in Communication Arts, and presented about them at An Event Apart, TYPO Labs Berlin, and many more.

You can also read more of my writing on Medium, and view more of my design work on the h+w site (my wife’s and my erstwhile design company).

If your brand needs to speak more clearly, or your content needs to be more easily read, or you just need a fresh set of eyes on your strategic challenges—please get in touch. I’d love to help.