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Responsive Web Typography

Improve your type & typography

Type is the fundamental building block of design and user experience. I can help strengthen brand voice, improve user experience, and dramatically increase performance. Not sure where to start? Let me help you find your foundation with a Type Audit.

Challenges and opportunities

I've done everything from hour-long presentations to executive boards to full-day hands-on workshops with teams. 

Brand leadership

Type is the voice of your brand, and for too long on the web and in applications, that voice has been neglected. Your organization has one brand: every interaction—online or off—is an opportunity to strengthen it or dilute it. Knowing what’s possible is critical to making the right decisions about the overall experience. An audit of your organization’s use of type, and an update to your brand guidelines that addresses best use and implementation across platforms can be one of the most effective tools in elevating your brand voice and customer experience.


We are at a unique point in time where some of the best typographic capabilities are available on the web, paired with unique capabilities of digital type that exceeds what has ever been possible in print. Brief, intensive workshops for your design team can help traditionally educated graphic designers understand how much of their typographic expertise can be brought to bear on the web, and help fill in the gaps of basic typography fundamentals like scales, proportion, and spacing for those who need it. 


Performance is arguably the first aspect of design that a site visitor or app user will experience. Learning how best to load fonts, manage that loading process, and implement proper fallback styling are development tasks that have massive implications for overall user experience. We also live in a time of ‘there is no fixed canvas’—so it's critical that developers learn how to look at designs that may be provided at one or two screen sizes and interpret how they should be built to scale for another thousand screen dimensions. Hands-on workshops with sample code, or working directly with your own codebase can dramatically improve page load and performance.


Get in touch

If you'd like to talk about how I can help you or your team, drop me a line at I'd love to talk with you.

Not sure where to start? Maybe a Type Audit is right for you.

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Photo by Peter Constable of Jason teaching the workshop
Hands-on learning about implementing variable fonts at TYPO Labs Berlin