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Sunday, 29 May, 2022

She told us all you wanted was love

We called her on a Sunday morning, thinking we wanted a companion to your cousin Tristan. As crazy seems to happen, we soon found ourselves in the car with him, driving out to Thomson Ridge—150 miles on snowy roads in January. And she was right. You let us know right away, and the four of us were soon on our way back to Rumford. 

Tillie, our Princess Lil Bit

You made your place in our home. You and Tristan grew closer—always near or touching when we woke. You would sit patiently while he refused to come out of the water on our walks in the morning. You would make sure he didn’t leave a spare morsel at breakfast. 

It wasn’t ‘til he left that we truly understood what she meant. You have taken our hearts, and demanded all the love in the room—and given it back tenfold over. You waited for your time, and let us know it was yours.

We did not know your autumn would slip so quickly into winter. We only found out the cause a few days since. As happens when flames burn so bright, yours has dimmed too fast. We are heartbroken.

We will miss you forever Tillie—our Princess Lil’ Bit. 

But Tristan is waiting for you across that Rainbow Bridge, and we know you’ll always be touching when you wake.

Tristan and Tillie watching the sun rise