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Design Process

A full cup of coffee

What I bring to your table

Friday, 8 February, 2019

Or how hiring me will help make your product and your team better When I quit my agency job last June, one of the primary motivators was to try and refocus my own efforts on work that was both more...

Talking about Variable Fonts at TYPO Labs, photo courtesy of Peter Constable

2018: Purposeful iteration

Wednesday, 2 January, 2019

2018 was an interesting and exciting year. Not just for what happened, but for what didn’t. This is my own way of trying to capture some of those changes, why I made some of them, and what I hope to...

Designing for Uncertainty

Over the course of a few years I’ve given a number of talks about responsive design and how to think more fluidly about design relationships. This was the beginning of a focus on the idea of letting go our assumptions...

Pacing Design

The key to successful projects and client relationships is not just getting it done. As a matter of fact, you may be doing more harm than good the next time you blitz through your next sprint. Because the best relationships...

Guiding Principles for Design

Tuesday, 5 April, 2016

An attempt to articulate the ‘why’ behind how we design, and what should guide us Over the past five or six years I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, tinkering with, and teaching the process of designing and building...

Explorations for iconic logos based on one man-made and one natural object

30 thumbnails

Tuesday, 10 February, 2015

Heemong Kim, our instructor for Graphic Design 1 (and 4 & 5) at Rhode Island College had a rule for starting any project: 30 thumbnails. If you showed up for the first class after getting a new assignment without 30...

Content modeling & the trouble with too many parts

Tuesday, 19 February, 2013

Content modeling is a pretty interesting emerging topic these days. Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane) and Jeff Eaton (@eaton) had a great conversation about this recently on Lullabot's 'Insert Content Here' podcast that really got me thinking. Spending time to more fully...

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