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Pacing Design

The key to successful projects and client relationships is not just getting it done. As a matter of fact, you may be doing more harm than good the next time you blitz through your next sprint. Because the best relationships and projects are built on—and succeed because of—trust. And trust doesn’t just appear. It’s built on countless positive interactions, promises kept, decisions explained and opinions heard. Having refined this process over many years and dozens of projects, taught it to many team members in a bunch of agencies—we’ll explore how to slow down the project process to allow for better communication, fewer missteps and great results. We’ll talk about design techniques, information architecture ideas and how the right CMS can fit in the middle, transforming your team and your client relationship.

Goodwill with your client is a cup. Learn to fill it, not spill it.

  • Keynote: Pacing Design at CT Drupal Camp