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Responsive Web Typography
Web Font Service


Also one of the early launches, from Monotype was one of the most prolific of the services with regard to the number of fonts available: launching with about 7,500 and quickly growing to more than 30,000. It is still one of the only services to provide both JavaScript and CSS methods of embedding, and it has always been incredibly sup‐ portive of my own efforts and those of the web community as a whole. lets you search typefaces by a number of criteria, including availability of OpenType fea‐ tures. It also offers an innovative way to include features in the web interface on assigned selectors, making it unnecessary to include your own CSS. Johnathan Zsittnik, eCommerce Marketing Manager at Monotype, let me know that they’ve been hard at work enabling more OpenType features in more fonts all the time, with more discoverability of those enabled fonts in the works, as well.