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Responsive Web Typography

Responsive Typography: Using Type Well on the Web

Responsive web design helps your site maintain its design integrity on a variety of screen sizes, but how does it affect your typography? With this practical book, graphic designers, web designers, and front-end developers alike will learn the nuts and bolts of implementing web fonts well, especially how to get the best appearance from type without sacrificing performance on any device.

After examining typography fundamentals and the evolution of type on the Web, author Jason Pamental provides useful approaches, real examples, code, and advice for making your type performant, progressive, proportional, and polished—the primary ingredients of responsive typography.

  • Understand how type plays a vital role in content-first web design
  • Weigh the tradeoffs between self-hosting and using a font service to get the best performance for your site
  • Get your type on the screen fast by designing for Progressive Enhancement
  • Use a responsive relative scale to adjust proportions between typographic elements for any device or resolution
  • Polish your type with ligatures, kerning, and other techniques to create rich, textured reading experiences