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Responsive Web Typography

Designing the Experience Continuum: Typography in the Age of the Connected Everything

With the explosion of small-form-factor, low-cost connected devices like fitness trackers, medical devices and ‘smart dashboards’, the spectrum across which we communicate has gotten broader than ever. When thinking about using a wearable fitness tracker with a small screen, how it connects from a design perspective to the ‘connected app’, to the desktop health tracker portal and even to TV/print advertising for that product—there are very few elements that translate across all those screens and devices to tie the experience together. 

The type we use plays an increasingly important role in conveying critical information in a consistent and ‘glance-able’ way, and in getting across brand voice and creating emotional connection between user and device and organization. This talk will explore how new developments in technology and cognitive science extend the reach of our design landscape from the smallest to the biggest of screens.