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17 May, 2016

DrupalCon Recap

I had the honor of speaking last week at DrupalCon in New Orleans, and got to see a whole slew of great presentations. For a recap at our local DrupalPVD meetup I put together a few slides listing some of my favorites, and a few others that I know... read more

5 April, 2016

Guiding Principles for Design

An attempt to articulate the ‘why’ behind how we design, and what should guide us Over the past five or six years I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, tinkering with, and teaching the process of designing and building digital products. My... read more

17 February, 2016

Beep Edition comes to Drupal8

I’ve never had particularly lofty ambitions for Beep Edition, the responsive base theme I started a few years ago. Rather than make a new ‘all singing, all dancing’ kind of theme, I wanted this to be my starting point, and include all of my... read more

16 December, 2015

Design is Communication

And if you can’t explain it, you’re not done designing it yet A while back I wrote an article about one of my most influential experiences studying Graphic Design: the requirement of one of my instructors that we show up for any ‘first crit’ with no... read more

27 October, 2015

Design as a profession is at a crossroads

Will it evolve to a higher level of thinking or fall into commoditization? Design Thinking is Simply the Power of Thinking Like a Designer I wrote this initially back in 2011, but Peter Merholz’ post today about creating a ‘Charter for Design Teams... read more

10 February, 2015

30 Thumbnails

Hee Mong Kim, our instructor for Graphic Design 1 (and 4 & 5) at Rhode Island College had a rule for starting any project: 30 thumbnails. If you showed up for the first class after getting a new assignment without 30 little sketches, he wouldn’t... read more

24 November, 2013

This is our craft. This is our art.

I read a thread on Twitter today between (among others) Harry Roberts ( @csswizardry ) and Aral Balkan ( @aral ) about the use of the word ‘craft’ in our industry. While I can’t disagree with the take that saying code is ‘hand-crafted’ sounds silly... read more

19 February, 2013

Content Modeling & The Trouble With Too Many Parts

Content modeling is a pretty interesting emerging topic these days. Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane) and Jeff Eaton (@eaton) had a great conversation about this recently on Lullabot’s ‘Insert Content Here’ podcast that really got me thinking. Spending... read more

22 August, 2012

Curiosity: Not just for killing cats anymore

It’s what drives innovation. It’s what drives the web. It’s the force behind the questions ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?’ If Tim Berners-Lee was not curious, he would not have created the very place we all work. If Marc Andreeson wasn’t curious there would... read more

13 April, 2011

Design Thinking: it's what designers do

Design Thinking (DT) is a pretty big ‘buzzphrase’ these days, it’s true. Big in business education, business innovation writing and even (shockingly) in the design world. What has always struck me is that purely by definition, design thinking is... read more