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Design Thinking

This is our craft. This is our art.

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I read a thread on Twitter today between (among others) Harry Roberts ( @csswizardry ) and Aral Balkan ( @aral ) about the use of the word ‘craft’ in our industry. While I can’t disagree with the take that saying code is ‘hand-crafted’ sounds silly, if not pretentious - I do feel that there is another aspect of the word that is absolutely applicable. I’m thinking of the noun rather than the verb. Design and development are not purely art or science. They are a blend.

Complicated vs. Complexity

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and how Design Thinking helps tame one and avoid the other

Recently the topic of complicated versus complex has come up both in relation to a book group discussion I was leading on REWORK and also with an online Twitter-based chat I was moderating on innovation. It’s pretty central to everything I’ve learned, experienced and thought about with regard to design, so it seemed worth it to capture it here.